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3 year / 36 k miles warranty

3 year / 36 k miles

What Our Clients Say

Seiko is extremely efficient in his approach to automotive diagnostics and repair. His professionalism is beyond reproach. He is very prompt in keeping you apprised of the repair costs and as to when your vehicle will be ready.
Ricewasser Robert
I took a chance after reading other reviews and was thoroughly satisfied from the first call to Seiko, to the pickup of the car after repairs. I have given out his card to two friends and wish I had more cards to give out. Seiko is a real gentleman and keeps his word. I trust him 100%.
Warden Jim
I took my Corolla to Seiko for a major service. He took care of everything, and made sure to call about everything that I needed. He was fast and courteous, and extremely professional. I think he is extremely trustworthy and honest. He could have charged me much more for the work he did, and I would have paid it happily. He is just too honest to do that. Like one other reviewer said, I only wish I could take my American makes to him. Maybe if we are lucky he will expand his service to GM cars as well.
G. Julie
Took my Lexus LS460 for some routine maintenance and was very happy with the service. Seiko thoroughly looked over my car and advised me of everything that was recommended that should be done. Most mechanics push the recommended services and he did not. He runs a very honest shop and is very courteous. I even received a follow up phone call a few days after to see how my car was doing after the service, what shop does that these days? None, other than Seiko. I've very happy I found his shop on Yelp and will continue to take my car there in the future.
D. Jonathan
I've always found it a challenge to find a good mechanic.This comes from my lack of knowledge about cars and the horror stories everyone has heard about being taken advantage by unscrupulous techs. For that reason I was thrilled to have met the owner of this new business who is knowledgeable, understanding and offers competitive pricing. I took my Scion XD into his store today and my experience was outstanding. Yes, the business is new. Less than 6 months according to the owner but I see this as a good thing because this means more personal and honest care.Two points to consider (and the reason why I did not give it a 5 of 5 stars):1. The location is a bit challenging to find but once you know its there it makes complete sense. 2. Seiko only services cars that are foreign makes. (I would love for him to work on my Ford truck).These are minor concerns overall and they pale in comparison to the great find I feel I've made with this car shop. I'll certainly be returning here again and again (well if the car needs it :D)
T. Hugo
“ I was referred to Seiko's auto service through my daughter's friend, and oh boy, Mr. Seiko is the best person for servicing my Acura, Toyota and Lexus, he's the specialist of Toyota and Honda. He's very careful, experienced and honest, you can trust him completely and knowing your car would be very happy after his service!! AAAA++++ ”
Sunshine Y.
Seiko is awesome!It's nice to find a local mechanic who is extremely passionate and detail-oriented about his work and who takes care of your car like his own.Seiko is also very responsive and prompt with phone calls. I had a problem with my car battery and he was able to answer my questions right away. Way better service than I would have gotten at a car dealership.Thank you Seiko!
S. Justin
In February I took my 04 Toyota 4Runner to Seiko to check out a gurgling noise coming from the engine and a coolant reservoir that was constantly filling up. After running a series of tests, Seiko suspected it was a bad head gasket. A head gasket replacement is a major repair to say the least. Very labor intensive. I gave Seiko the okay to start repairs and he got to work immediately. He updated me on his progress and made recommendations along the way, but did not make additional repairs without first consulting me. He was honest about repairs I needed and repairs that could wait. He would also update the estimates so there were no surprises in the end. It took a little over a week for the job to be completed, and my 4Runner has been running great ever since! I cannot say enough about Seiko's knowledge and skill, combined with his honesty and attention to detail. I have taken my vehicles to him before when he was working in Venice, and he has always done an excellent job. Not only is he a skilled mechanic, but he constantly updates those skills as car technology changes. I'm happy to see him finally open his own shop and will gladly drive the extra distance (from Culver City) for quality service. Seiko is a trustworthy, dependable mechanic who stands by his work. I highly recommend Seiko's Auto Service.
M. Craig
My parents and my sister take all their cars here. They've been telling me to take my car here for years and I just stuck with the dealership because I thought it was "safer". I learned that at the dealership, the service provider that I thought was the mechanic is only a salesman and you never know who is actually working on your car. Seriously, google it :( I took my car in to the dealership for an oil change and "world class inspection" just 3 weeks before it overheated. I couldn't even get through to the dealership and got my car towed to Seiko's instead. Turns out the dealership was taking shortcuts and their inspections were not very thorough. There were things on my inspection that passed that definitely should not have but I was still told to replace some things that probably weren't necessary. Who knows how long that has been going on? Anyways, Seiko is very nice, professional and is not pushy about replacing things. He's honest and will also explain what's going on. My family told me it might be a little bit more expensive sometimes to get things fixed here but once it's fixed you won't have an issue with it because they do a very thorough job and it'll save you money in the long run. (Example- We spent so much money on my mom's Camry and always had to take it back to her old mechanic for the same issue. Once they switched over to Seiko's, he fixed it and they haven't had problems with it since.) I'll definitely be taking my car in here from now on!
S. Amy
I recently took my Honda Civic to Seiko for the 40,000 mile inspection. Everything went smoothly. He kept me well informed throughout the process of what I needed and didn't need. Unlike other car places, Seiko isn't working off commission so he won't try to sell you anything you don't need. The most important thing about going to a mechanic is trust.He fixed everything promptly and my car was ready in no time. My car is now running super smooth. I have no complaints. I recommend Seiko's Auto Service to anyone/everyone. My friends have also gone to Seiko and all were highly satisfied.Note: Seiko does high quality work and uses factory parts (the parts each car is built with.) They are not cheap but coming here is worth every penny!
i. derek
I was referred to Seiko's Auto Service through a friend and now I won't take my car anywhere else! Since I drive a Honda Accord he was perfect! Seiko specializes in Japanese vehicles - especially hybrid vehicles! I used to take my car to another mechanic but it just seemed like the job was never done. Once one issue was fixed - another problem would arise soon after. I always felt like my car wasn't reliable - and somehow would breakdown on me any minute or wouldn't start etc.After taking my car to Seiko's just for a standard oil change, I was truly impressed! He had great customer service, fast turn around time, and even took the time to educate me on the differences in oil quality and showed me the differences in air filters! He also took the time to run a full diagnostic and showed me what problems were present or could arise in the future. He was honest about his recommendations, never pressured me into extra services, and helped me prioritize which repairs needed to be done first and which ones could wait. It was this type of quality service that I felt confident having my timing belt changed a few months later. That was a major preventative service repair that needed to be done but there's no one else I'd trust to touch my car! My car was ready to be picked up the next day and it has been running great ever since! My boyfriend drives a Honda CRV and he also had his timing belt changed at Seiko's.If you want a truly different type of mechanic, one that is passionate about Japanese vehicles, will educate you in the process and be HONEST? Then look no further! It's a great feeling to feel safe and confident every time I drive my Honda - Thanks Seiko!
S. Cassandra
I have been blown away every time by your thoroughness. It's very important to me to feel like I won't be surprised by something new after I leave the mechanic. If that's important to you, Seiko's is the place to go.
Fisher Ben

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We offer complete automotive service for your Toyota, Lexus, and Scion vehicles with a strong emphasis on their hybrid line of vehicles. We also offer service for other Japanese vehicles such as Subaru, Honda, and Acura. Let us help you keep your car safe, efficient, and Eco friendly

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