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Vehicle Battery Service & Replacement in Monrovia, CA

The 12-volt battery in your Toyota, Subaru, Honda or Lexus is there to get the engine started and keep it running. When you start your vehicle, the electricity that is stored in the battery, connects to the starter motor to get the engine running and keep the vehicle running. A healthy battery is essential to operating your vehicle and the many electrical systems throughout.  

The battery is designed to deliver a measurement of 12- volts. There are symptoms your vehicle might show if you have a weak or depleted battery. It may become difficult to start the vehicle, headlights may dim or electrical systems may fail.

Hybrid vehicles primarily rely on high-voltage traction batteries and electric motors for propulsion, the 12-volt battery remains crucial for starting, auxiliary power, system electronics, emergency functions, and supporting the overall operation of the vehicle's hybrid system.

Vehicle batteries typically last between 3 to 5 years, depending on factors such as usage patterns, climate conditions, and maintenance practices. Regular inspections will help monitor the battery’s health.

The 12-volt vehicle battery is a critical component that ensures reliable operation of a vehicle's electrical systems and gets the engine starting. Understanding its characteristics, maintenance requirements, and proper disposal practices is essential for maximizing battery lifespan and minimizing environmental impact. At Seiko’s Auto Service, in Monrovia, the technicians perform a ‘Load Test” on your Toyota, Subaru, Honda or Lexus battery. This will show you the battery’s strength under pressure, or how it measures while operating. Contact Seiko’s Auto service to have your battery or vehicle inspected.

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