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Cabin Air Filter Replacement in Monrovia, CA

Cabin Air Filter Replacement in Monrovia, CA - Seiko’s Auto Service


Cabin air filters are great for keeping the air inside your vehicle clean. This can especially help if you have allergies. Let the experts at Seiko's Auto Service in Monrovia, CA replace your vehicle's cabin air filter Cabin filters have been installed in Toyota, Subaru, and Honda vehicles since the early 2000s and are a maintenance item that should be inspected and replaced on a regular basis.

The main function of the cabin filter is to clean and catch contaminants in the air that is blown through the HVAC system of your vehicle. They also help keep the evaporator that cools the air when you use the A/C clean from dust, lint, pet dander, and leaves that can cause poor air flow through the evaporator core.

Depending on the vehicle make and model there are choices that can be made for the cabin air filter. At Seiko’s Auto Service in Monrovia, CA, we prefer to use a cabin air filter that is embedded with activated charcoal. These charcoal filters help reduce odor and also have a much denser filter media that is better at filtering the air for you HVAC system.

Disinfecting spray for HVAC system - Seiko's Auto Service Inc.

Most cabin filters are relatively easy to replace, and some of our client perform the replacement themselves. We applaud our clients that take this maintenance item and take care of it on their own.

At Seiko’s Auto Service in Monrovia, CA we do take it a step further by spraying a disinfectant into the HVAC system to help keep mold and mildew that builds up on the evaporator over time. Have you ever noticed the wet laundry smell when you first turn you A/C system on? The service that we perform can help reduce the smell so you can have a more pleasurable driving experience. Call us today or conveniently schedule an appointment online!

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