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Auto Air Conditioning Repair & Service in Monrovia, CA

Auto Air Conditioning Repair & Service in Monrovia, CA - Seiko's Auto Service Inc.

Performing regular service for your air conditioning system for your vehicle helps prolong the life of major components of your vehicles A/C system. Schedule your auto A/C service or repair at Seiko's Auto Service in Monrovia, CA.  When the A/C system in your vehicle is fully charged with refrigerant it allows the oil that circulates in the system to get back to the A/C compressor. The most common cause of A/C compressor failure is due to the lack of oil in the compressor. When the system is low on refrigerant, most of the compressor oil gets trapped in the evaporator and can not make it back to the compressor.

When the A/C system is at full refrigerant charge, the cold air that comes out of the vent is also colder and can reduce the heat in the cabin in a shorter amount of time on those hot summer days.

One key symptom of an A/C system that is starting to get low on refrigerant charge is that the passenger side vents are blowing colder air than the driver side vents.

The refrigerant naturally leaks through the rubber seals, hoses, and o rings that are part of the system and will lose refrigerant over time even with no component leaks.

Seiko's Auto Service Inc. - Auto Air Conditioning Repair & Service in Monrovia, CA

The way we perform the service is to evacuate and then perform a deep vacuum test and report how many Microns the system with go down to. A deep vacuum test will also reveal if there is a leak in the system so that it can be taken care of before causing a problem to your vehicle.

It does not make sense to wait until the system “no longer cools the way it used to”, Let the highly trained technicians at Seiko’s Auto Service in Monrovia, CA help you keep the A/C system running the way it should. Call or schedule an appointment online today!


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