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Timing Belt Service in Monrovia, CA

The timing belt is one of the most important components of the vehicle's engine. It keeps the upper and lower parts of the engine in “Time”. Failure of the belt can cause catastrophic damage to the internal engine components. It is recommended for most vehicles to have their timing belt replaced at 90-100k intervals. At Seiko's Auto Service in Monrovia, CA, we also recommend replacing other components that are driven by the timing belt such as the water pump, oil seals, and any pulleys that are driven by the timing belt. We recommend a complete timing belt “Job” as opposed to just replacing the belt. Doing so will save a tremendous amount of labor costs if the water pump leaks or and oil seal starts to leak later on.

Having the timing belt serviced at regular intervals will keep the engine from destroying itself from the inside out. You will also have peace of mind that the engine will continue to run in “Time” and keep you off the side of the road. Feel free to call us today at Seiko's Auto Service to schedule your timing belt service in Monrovia, or schedule your appointment online!

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