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Coolant and Thermostat

Yes, Thermostat. We recommend replacing the cooling system thermostat every 100k miles. We believe in being proactive. Replacing the thermostat will greatly reduce the risk of overheating. Overheating the engine is one of the worst events that can happen to you and your vehicles engine. It can damage the head gasket, warp the engine surface, and will cause the piston rings to lose their tension. When this happens you will need to replace or rebuild the engine. The coolant in the engine ages with time. When new the PH level in the coolant is around 8 PH. When the PH level dips below 7 it becomes acidic. This means that the coolant is doing more harm than good for your engine and is eating away at the seals, hoses, radiator, and heater core from the inside out.

Reducing the risk of overheating starts with an efficient cooling system, we can help with testing and regularly servicing your vehicles cooling system. 

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