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Axles Service Monrovia, CA

The axles for your Toyota, Lexus, Subaru, Honda and Acura vehicles allow the transfer of rotational movement from the transmission/transaxle/differential to the wheels that propel your vehicle forward. Making sure that the axle is in good working order will help keep your vehicle driving quietly and smoothly.

There are many kinds of axles on different vehicles. There are solid axles that are used mostly in pickup trucks such as the Toyota Tacoma and Tundra. Then there are the most popular axles that we see, the CV (Constant Velocity) axles. Both styles need proper lubrication to work correctly. The solid axle type will use the oil in the differential and the CV axle type will use CV axle grease that is held inside with a rubber or plastic boot.

The solid axle uses an axle seal to make sure the oil does not leak out and cause damage to the brake system by contaminating the brakes with gear oil. The CV axle boots are designed to hold the CV axle grease in and keep water, debris, dust, rocks, and any other contaminants out of the precision bearings that are inside the CV axles.

On the solid axles failure of the oil seal can cause oil to leak out and damage the brake shoes or brake pads. And in some cases, cause a growling sound from a failed wheel bearing.

On the CV axle types leaking axle grease from the CV boots can contaminate surrounding rubber components such as control arm bushings. The most common failure of the CV axles is a clicking noise when the vehicle is making a sharp turn. And in some cases, a failed axle can cause vibration when accelerating.

It is critical to have these boots and seals inspected during normal service. At Seiko’s Auto Service in Monrovia, we will inspect these components whenever we perform our Seiko’s Auto Premium 5k service that includes our comprehensive visual inspection.

Let the team at Seiko’s Auto Service in Monrovia help keep your vehicle moving quietly and smoothly.

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